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Group Exercise Classes

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2F5Specializes in:

  • Digestive Issues/Wellness
  • Women’s health related symptoms
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  • Rehabilitation exercise/nutritional therapy combined classes that includes:Ai??Pain management, providing exercise and diet that may help reduce overall Inflammation that includes pain and stiffness
  • Class group of 4 in Susie’s private studioAi??and cost 5 for ai??i??100
  • Class group of 12 in different venues


2DD1. Over 50′ classes (Classes are general as well as working with clients with specific symptoms)

  • Focus on:Ai??Diet :sugar, refined carbohydrates and how it may all be related to diabetes as well as bone health, arthritis, high cholesterol and heart disease.
  • Classes offer: nutritional therapy/chartered physiotherapy in groups of 4 people for general health and for clients with specific symptoms such as: Bone Health (osteoporosis, osteopenia/ prevention, for example if it is hereditary) .

Group Exercise Classes offer groups of 4 as well as larger groups of 12 at different locations and venues please contact us for information.


During the course of 5 weeks you will learn:Ai??

What is Osteoporosis?
What are the Symptoms?
What are the Causes?
How is it Diagnosed?
Other Risk F Cost of crestor rosuvastatin actors,
How is it Prevented?

Treatment that includes: Specific Exercises and Nutrition

2E12. Joint Health Class-focus on:

  • Keeping joints as flexible as possible preventing damage that maybe caused by inactivity.
  • Exercises and stretches to do at home maintaining joint health.
  • Nutritional advice: Specific diets that reduce symptoms of stiffness/painAi??food that can help repair the body for optimum health.




2E23. General Exercise class offers Nutritional Therapy/Chartered Physiotherapy and includes a focus on:

  • Muscle Strength:Ai??For people with repetitive strain injury and how to deal with it when it is inflamed as well as building muscle strength/injury prevention/balance/posture.
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  • Take home exercise/dietary advice:Ai??Tailored for the individual to improve overall health/wellness.

Please note:Ai??All clients will be assessed before they join a class and GP referrals welcome.

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